Museums and art galleries in Irkutsk

Regional Museum in Irkutsk

Regional Museum in Irkutsk ©Antoine 49/Flick

Irkutsk is an important cultural center with museums and galleries. The Volkonsky House Museum is known by the locals of Irkutsk as the Decembrist House Museum. It is located on Volkonskogo Street at number 10 and is one of the most visited tourist attractions.

The Irkutsk Regional Art Gallery is the largest institution of its kind in Siberia, containing works of art, graphics, charts, icons, and decorative applied art. The Irkutsk Regional Museum is housed in a luxurious building built of red brick with large windows and dominated by a massive wooden door.


The Volkonsky Museum

The Volkonsky Museum ©Antoine 49/Flick

Volkonsky House Museum in Irkutsk

Volkonsky House Museum in Irkutsk dates back to the early twentieth century. The family of Count Volkonsky built a house that now is the place of the museum that bears his name.

The interior of the house museum is still impressive, it contains a huge marble dance hall, large windows with long white curtains and mahogany stairs. The building has two floors, on the ground floor we find a room with a renovated piano and the other two floors are the exhibition of the photographs and portraits of Mary, the wife of the Count, and other important women of that period.

The Volkonsky House

The Volkonsky House ©jrwebbe/Flick

Art Gallery of Irkutsk

The Art Gallery of Irkutsk was founded in the late nineteenth century and art enthusiasts can find here more than 17,000 icons, paintings, sculptures and graphics. The collection contains many exhibits from the Paleolithic period of countries near Lake Baikal, many wooden sculptures dating from the fifteenth century until the nineteenth century, and the original icons from Siberia.

Most of the works of art found here are created by famous Siberian artists from the eighteenth century and beyond. The museum also contains a room with Western European artworks from the eighteenth century. The most visited section of this institution is the one that presents works of art from the Middle East, especially from China and Japan. In the hall of the museum is also a souvenir shop where we can buy copies of the works exhibited here, and on the second floor we find many old books that show photos of the artists who have works exhibited here.

Irkutsk Regional Museum

The Irkutsk Regional Museum dates from 1870. It is one of the oldest in Russia and was founded by Governor F. Klichki and the city municipality. The building has six rooms including the nature department, the history department, the exhibition room, the library, the information room and the methodical room. Inside of this we find a significant herbalist collection, mineralogical objects, over 22,000 exhibits consisting of old books, an impressive numismatic collection and others. The History Department you will find an archeological collection represented by a complete range of cultures from the Paleolithic era to the present day, the most important exhibits here being the monuments of Malta and Burect dating back from the Stone Age. In the Nature Department you will find a taxidermy department store, animal skulls and others. In the Studio Hall are held press conferences. In the Scientific Room you find over 20,000 scientific exhibits, and the last room there is a huge library with many ancient books in Russian, from all areas.

Regional Museum in Irkutsk

Regional Museum in Irkutsk ©Antoine 49/Flick

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