Having fun in Murmansk

Fireworks in Murmansk

Fireworks in Murmansk ©euno/Flick

The city of Murmansk is located in the southern part of the Barents Sea on the coast of a large fjord that penetrates deeply into the Kola Island. With a population of over 300,000 inhabitants, Murmansk is the largest port city in the regions beyond the Arctic Circle.

In the city of Murmansk and on the coast of the Barents Sea have place some phenomena that if you see them for the first time they can be really touching. For example in the summer for three consecutive weeks the sun does not set. For over 20 days the glamourous star can be seen on the always serene northern sky.

Instead, in winter, the region is covered by the same night. From time to time, in the long night of Murmansk you can see the enchanting polar auroras, the most beautiful phenomena near the poles. It is a perfect place for an interesting holiday and we would like to show you how can you have fun in Murmansk.

The city of Murmansk

The city of Murmansk ©euno/Flick

Traditions and events in Murmansk

Murmansk has some interesting events taking place in different time periods, so if you want to have fun in Murmansk, you should try to visit the city during one of these events.

The most important event that is taking place in Murmansk is the Pop Music Festival. It is held every two years and the performers are music artists from the country and abroad.
The Traditional Christmas Fair takes place two weeks before the winter holidays and here you can buy natural or artificial trees and various decorations and Christmas gifts.

Another exhibition that takes place every autumn in the city of Murmansk is the Fair of Traditional Products. Many people gather here from the city and from all regions of the country and try to sell organic products. Among these products are: the home make wine and vodka, honey, crafts, jewelry, and many fashion accessories.

Fireworks in Murmansk

Fireworks in Murmansk ©euno/Flick

Shops and markets in Murmansk

The shops and markets are obviously an important part of having fun in Murmansk. Let’s see the most important ones.

The biggest market in the city of Murmansk is the Central Market. It has many tourist attractions and sights around it, numerous terraces, bars and restaurants. There are many traders who gather every day trying to sell products. Among these products are: honey, traditional Russian vodka, home made red wine, sausages and various smoked meats, jewelry, Matrioshkadolls, handmade clothing and accessories.

In Murmansk there are several shops, the biggest one is located downtown and is called Murmansk Shopping. Tourists who have an active night life, can have fun in Murmansk at night clubs on the beach and at summer terraces or can shop at the store with a non-stop program in downtown.

In the city of Murmansk

In the city of Murmansk ©euno/Flick

Accommodation facilities in Murmansk

In the city of Murmansk you has various accommodation options. In the city center are the luxury hotels and the majority of hostels, in the outskirts in absolutely natural places you find hostels and touristic villas of the locals, and near the lake is a campsite specially designed by the Municipality for tourists who want to camp with tent or with caravan.

The most important hotels and guesthouses in the city of Murmansk are: the Zori Hotel, the Murmanks Hotel, the Arktika Hotel, the Anne Marie Pension and the Apolodor Hostel. All of the hotels in this city offer its clients all inclusive accommodation packages that include three main meals per day, parking with video surveillance, playground access, pool and spa at the hotel. All rooms are equipped with shower or bath, single or double beds, hair dryers, towels, bathrobes, safe, minibar, telephone, cable television, refrigerators, air conditioning and Internet.

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