Local cuisine and festivals in Samara

View of Samara

View of Samara ©Evgenii/Flick

Samara is one of the main towns of Russia and it is a very interesting place, where you can surely have fun. If you like the fairs and festivals, try to arrive to the city during one of them. To be easier to decide, we will present you some of them. The National Autumn Fair is held during the festival with the same name, during which the locals are exposing for sale traditional Russian food products, honey and honeycomb, homemade jams and preserves, handmade crafts, clothing and jewelry.

Don’t leave Samara without trying the local dishes, because the food here is very tasty.

Local cuisine in Samara

Samara is a port city, therefor it is not surprising that most of the housewives here prefer to prepare fish foods. The most popular local dishes of Samara include a sour fish soup with lemon, grilled fish, fish stew and salad. The bakery products are among the most popular sweets, including donuts with chocolate cream or vanilla, pancakes with home made jams, but they also like the different cakes with nuts or fruits with a lot of cream. Regarding bread, the wheat bread is consumed mostly in the area of Samara and in the morning they prepared Bruschetta with garlic and tomato slices. In winter, the inhbitants of Samara consume Vektor and Rodnik vodka and other local products including the home made wine. In summer they consume large amounts of beer, the most of the opting for the Zhiguli.

Rodnik Votka

Rodnik Votka ©Iwan Gabovitch/Flick

Fairs and festivals in Samara

The largest fair that is taking place in this city is the Baby Boom. It is organized by the Municipality of the city of Samara every summer and here you can buy many things for children.

The Samara Med Expo is a traditional fair which is held in March each year, here are exposed teeth cleaning and care products.

The Samara Tour Expo is an event dedicated mainly to tourists, as they have the opportunity to discover the main attractions of the region and they can find good accommodation deals at hotels.

The Hoga Arata is a trade for hotel and restaurants owners in town, they presenting their offers here.

The Pop Music Festival in Samara is held in late July and is attended by famous national and international artists. It is a three-day event and ends with spectacular fireworks.

Festival in Samara

Festival in Samara ©abrigenn/Flick

The Night of the Museums is organized in the city of Samara in late spring, on this occasion the museum opening hours are non-stop and everyone have free entrance.

Three days before starting the winter holidays,in downtown takes place the Christmas Fair from where you can buy Christmas trees, ornaments and various gifts and souvenirs for the loved ones.

View of Samara

View of Samara ©Evgenii/Flick


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