Kid friendly places in Murmansk

Playground in Murmansk

Playground in Murmansk ©Сергей Шинкарюк/Flick

Murmansk might not seem to be the perfect place for a family holiday, but if you want to visit this arctic city with your children, there are also some kid friendly places in Murmansk. Although there are some kid playgrounds in the city, those cannot really be used when it is snow, and that is a very usual thing in Murmansk. But don’t worry, you children will probably engjoy the snow as well, just don’t forget to bring them several really warm clothes.

An other thing that your kid will surely like is the port of the city with so many ships. But we would like to present you three more places that you can visit in Murmansk with your children.

Ships in Murmansk

Ships in Murmansk ©Elen Schurova/Flick

The Semionovski Lake in Murmansk

The Semionovski Lake is located in downtown and is a place of recreation for the people of this region. The recreation area is a perfect place for those who like fishing, who want to walk with boat or to admire the swans on the lake. There you can also have a picnic, you can drink coffee on the terrace or you can sit on the benches around the lake. For those who want to leave their children to play in a quiet place, can do it at Lake Semionovski, because here there is a special place for children. They can play with the ball on the water, they can can use the slides and the swings or hide in the zig-zag shaped maze.

On both sides of the lake there are several hotels, restaurants and an amusement park. At the lake there are also several souvenir shops where you can buy all sorts of gifts.

Lake in Murmansk

Lake in Murmansk ©Maatren Dirkse/Flick

The Oceanarium in Murmansk

The most visited tourist attraction and one of the kid friendly places in Murmansk is the Oceanarium. This is the oldest and largest institution of its kind in the northern region of Russia and was founded in 1984. Inside of it we find many species, some of the most popular being: sea dogs, sea lions, sea urchins, dolphins, piranhas, small sharks and sea snakes. In winter, it looks exactly like an igloo from the North Pole.

The Oceanarium in Murmansk is open from Wednesday to Sunday between 11:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.. The entrance is 250 rubles for adults and 150 rubles for children.

Playground in Murmansk

Playground in Murmansk ©Сергей Шинкарюк/Flick

The Detsky Gorodok Amusement Park in Murmansk

Detsky Gorodok is an amusement park for children located near Lake Semionovski. The park covers a large area and a famous tourist attraction for little ones and big ones as well, because here you can practice different sports. Bungee jumping enthusiasts, those who love to climb on ropes, walls or trees or tourists practicing jogging can come to this amusement park. It is a kid friendly place as it has a special arranged area for children with swings, slides, a fort, tunnels, climbing frames and a big wheel.

In Destky Gorodok is a cafe and a restaurant as well. Admission is free for everyone and it is opened non-stop.

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