Irkutsk and Tomsk

Irkutsk ©olga s/flickr

Irkutsk ©olga s/flickr

Getting to Irkutsk is easy. You can be there by airplane as there are ten daily flights from various places such as Moscow, Japan, China, Frankfurt (over Moscow) and Mongolia. Or even by train on the Trans-Siberian railway, via Moscow that takes about four days. Many also choose to come by Vladivostok, Peking, Ulan-Bator that takes one night.

Listvyanka on the Baikal shore

From the village of of Listvyanka on the Baikal shore, it is only an hour by car to the city of Irkutsk. You can reach remote areas of the lake by private boats which are on rental or the hydrofoils. Here’s best to try fishing in the winter in fur coat.

Best time to visit

Spring is a great time with very nice greens and beautiful blooming endemic Baikal flowers. The fresh smells of Taiga is also very alluring. In the Siberian winter, there are beautiful ice patterns, vast blue skies and bright sunshine. Worry not about the cold as most places are equipped with excellent central heating as well as the Trans-Siberian train.

Some worthy places to see

The former building of the Russian-Asiatic Bank, the Baikal University of the Economy and the Law, Karl Marx Street, the central street Uritskyi, Lenin Street, the Babushkin street, the embankment of the Angara river, the drama theatre, the Marata street, the Arts Museum, Akademgorodok. You must also not miss the Old bridge, the corner of the Karl Marx and Lenin street, the new church near the Novomatreninskaya hosptial, Gagarin Bulvard, the main office of the regional library, the museum of the wooden architecture ‘Taltsy’ and the Youth Island center of Irkutsk city.

Trud Stadium, Tomsk

Tomsk ©Routard05/flickr

Tomsk ©Routard05/flickr

This is a multi-purpose stadium in Russia that can hold about 2700 fans. There are two luxury suites with room for forty persons. With new sound systems and an expanded player locker rooms, you can get to experience an improved ingress to the stadium. Tomsk is a city on the Tom River, it is one of the oldest towns in Siberia and it is served by the Bogashevo Airport. There are many local cultural institutions such as a children’s theater and a puppet theater. Some major concert venues such as the Conservatory Concert hall and the Tomsk Palace of Sport are worth a visit. If you like museum, there is a ‘Museum of Oppression‘ housed in the former KGB dungeon.

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