Festivals and shopping in Saint Petersburg

Sails of The White Nights

Sails of The White Nights ©dr_tr/Flick

The city of Saint Petersburg has many impressive buildings, but you can also have a lot of fun here. The most important event in the city of Saint Petersburg is the White Nights Festival, held annually at the end of each school year, when the city streets are filled with many vendors, traditional Russian food product markets, spaces for children, and the night concludes with impressive fireworks.

As you take a walk on the narrow streets of the city, besides restaurant and terraces, you will find many clothes, perfumes and jewelry from worldwide known brands such as Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabanna, Ralph Laurent, Prada, Sveda or Bvlgari.

The beautiful Sankt Petersburg at night

The beautiful Sankt Petersburg at night ©lefroid/Flick

Festivals, celebrations and important events

Every year, at in the second part of June, the city is celebrating the Night of the Museums. At this occasion everyone has a free entry to the museums and other buildings and the program is running all night.

The White Nights in Sankt Petersburg is a film festival that is known worldwide. It is held in late August every two years. On this occasion in the city center is arranged an outdoor cinema.

The Autumn Fair is takes place each year in October. At this occasion in the central square geather the locals of the region to sell the traditional food products of the area including combs and honey, fruits and vegetables, homemade jams and handicrafts.

Three weeks before the winter vacation in Saint Petersburg is held the Christmas Fair. From here you can buy Christmas trees, ornaments, souvenirs and many other things related to this holiday.

Sails of The White Nights

Sails of The White Nights ©dr_tr/Flick

Shops and markets

Saint Petersburg is a really large city and it is full of shops, restaurants, terraces, taverns, bars and nightclubs. The biggest market in the city is the Vasilyeostrovsky Market. It can be found on the Bolshoi Prospekt, at number 18. Other major markets in the city are include the Sennoi Market and the Kuznechny Market. The largest shopping center in Sankt Petersburg is the Bolshoi Gostini Dvor.

In the city you will also many other shops including the Leningrad Trade House, the Moskovsky Store, the Narvsky Department, the Arteria the Babushka and the Katarina gift shop.

Tourists who have an active nightlife can dine at one of the restaurants in the downtown that have non-stop program, can dance in the nightclubs of the student center or enjoy a cold drink at the terraces arranged on the shores of the Baltic Sea.

Saint Petersburg at sunset

Saint Petersburg at sunset ©dmitryku/Flick


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