Festivals and cuisine in the city of Perm

Russian borsch with beef and sour cream

Russian borsch with beef and sour cream ©Tanya !/Flick

Perm is known in the world because of the White Nights Festival, which is celebrated in June each year, but there are many other festivals that you can attend if you decide to visit this particular city of Russia. These festivals include the Autumn and the Christmas Fair, the City Days, the Ice Sculpture Festival, the Night of the Museums and some national holidays.

If you want to spend some days in Perm, you should try the traditional food of the city, which contains many dishes of the Russian cuisine, but with a more specific character. We present you the festivals and the cuisine in the city of Perm as well.


White Nights Festival in Perm

White Nights Festival in Perm ©Aleksandr Zykov/Flick

Important events and festivals

The Traditional Christmas Fair is held in Perm three weeks before Christmas and here you can buy Christmas trees, ornaments and various gifts.

In October in the city of Perm is held the Traditional Autumn Fair with traditional Russian food products. They involve hundreds of people from the city and the surrounding region, which have different fruits and vegetables, sweets and jams, honey, sausages and smoked cheese, Russian vodka and red wine or crafts for sale.

The City Days is the most important festival, it lasts three days and is held on June 12 each year. Then you can attend concerts with national and international artists, street parades, you have toys for children, it is installed an outdoor cinema and ends on the last day with an impressive fireworks display.

Festival in the Port of Perm

Festival in the Port of Perm ©Aleksandr Zykov/Flick

Every winter in the Gorkovo Park is organized the Ice Sculpture Festival, when artists from around the world come here to develop their imagination.

On February 23 in the city center of Perm is celebrated the Homeland Defense Day, and on May 9, on the streets are organized military parades celebrating the Victory Day.

Once a year, in Perm is celebrated the Night of the Museums, when you can visit even the architectural attractions that are closed to public, the admission is free for everyone, and the work program of institutions is non-stop.

Cuisine in Perm

The traditional culinary preparation of this zone is the kaha, a kind of mutton stew with tomato sauce. Housewives in Perm are preparing every Sunday a main dish of chicken rolls, which are served with walnut salad. Pork is not very appreciated in this region of Russia, the beef being more widely used. Regarding soups, here you will have the opportunity to taste the red beans borsch, a sour soup with smoked bacon, vegetable soup and chicken soup.

Russian borsch with beef and sour cream

Russian borsch with beef and sour cream ©Tanya !/Flick

Housewives cook on holidays cheese or rice donuts, the famous blini, which are actually Russian pancakes, a kind of floating island cake with chocolate and nut roll. Rye bread is eaten more than the wheat bread and bakery products are among the preferences of the inhabitants of Perm.

The homemade cherry liquor is consumed in winter, and men drink more traditional Russian vodka. In summer they consume large amounts of beer, and water is replaced with natural fruit juices.

The famous Russian Vodka

The famous Russian Vodka ©True Russian Vodka/Flick

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