Beautiful Public Buildings in Sankt Petersburg

The Kunstkammer in Sankt Petersburg

The Kunstkammer in Sankt Petersburg ©thisisbossi/Flick

Sankt Petersburg is a breathtaking city that once visited will always remains in our hearts.

It is a city with many isles connected with beautiful bridges, gorgeous buildings that speak about the flourishing imperial period of this historical town. T

he city of Sankt Petersburg has so many marvelous places that you hardly find one favorite.

Today we would like to present you the most beautiful public buildings in Sankt Petersburg.


Historical buildings on Islands

The Peter and Paul Fortress, political prison in the past, occupies a dominant position in the city center. A footbridge was built over a portion of the fortress wall, giving visitors a broad view of the river to the south.
On the other bank of the Neva, on the Vasilievsky Island, is the building of the Old Stock Exchange, looking like a classic Greek temple with the two rostral columns decorated with the bow of ships built in front of it.

The Old Stock Exchange with the rostral colums in Sankt Petersburg

The Old Stock Exchange with the rostral colums in Sankt Petersburg ©archer10 (Dennis)/Flick

Famous educational institutions

The former imperial capital has many prestigious educational and cultural institutions. The St. Petersburg State University occupies several buildings on Vasilievsky Island, including the spacious baroque edifice of the Twelve Collegia. The Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg stands in front of quay decorated with genuine Egyptian griffins and sphinxes. The Smolny Institute, originally the first school for women in Russia, was chosen by Lenin as headquarters during the Russian Revolution. The Catherine Institute, designed by Quarenghi was first the place of the National Library. Another neoclassical building designed by Quarenghi is the Riding School for the Horses of the Imperial Guard, it was recently designated to the Central Exhibition Center.

The beautiful museums of Sankt Petersburg

The most famous museum is undoubtedly the Hermitage. The museum has one of the richest collections of Western European art. Its vast collections were first shown to public the wing built by Leo von Klenze in Greek Revival style, wing now called the New Hermitage.

The first museum in the town was founded by Tsar Peter the Great in the Kunstkammer, built on the opposite bank of the river Neva, which also housed for a while the Russian Academy of Sciences. Other tourist attractions include the Museum of Applied Arts, the Museum of Ethnography, the Suvorov Military History Museum and the Museum of Political History.

The Kunstkammer in Sankt Petersburg

The Kunstkammer in Sankt Petersburg ©thisisbossi/Flick

Attractive theaters in St. Petersburg

Sankt Petersburg is home to many theaters. The Alexandrinskii theater was named after the wife of Tsar Nicholas II. A much more famous theater outside Russia is the Mariinsky Theatre, which transformed the city in the world capital of the ballet. The St. Petersburg Conservatory was the first one in Russia and is named after Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov. The alumni of the Conservatory of St. Petersburg include Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev and Shostakovich.

The great imperial buildings

The city is adorned with many public buildings from the imperial period. The imperial government institutions were housed in the building of the Great General Staff in Palace Square with a huge Triumph Arch in the center. The Senate and Synod buildings are in Senate Square, the Imperial Cabinet is located on Nevsky Prospekt. Other places of interest are the Insurance Bank, the Customs and the splendid Admiralty. Most of these buildings were designed by Giacomo Quarenghi or Carlo Rossi.

The Insurance Bank in Sankt Petersburg

The Insurance Bank in Sankt Petersburg ©taberandrew/Flick

Commercial buildings worth to be seen

Some of the shops and stores are public buildings that worth visiting. For example, the monumental New Holland Arch and the adjacent walls of New Holland Isle are occupied by commercial enterprises. The Merchant Palace on Nevsky Prospekt, also designed by Jean-Baptiste Vallin de la Mothe, houses a large supermarket, several cafes and a metro station. Nearby is the Circular Market, built in 1785-1790. Other department stores built in the majestic Art Nouveau style, are located at the periphery of the Nevsky Prospekt and include the Eliseev Emporium Bazaar, the House of Books and the Passage Shop.


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