5 things you should know before visiting Vladivostok

The harbor of Vladivostok

The harbor of Vladivostok ©Sistak/Flick

The city of Vladivostok is a beautiful settlement in the mountains and the warmest month is August with an average temperature between 18-23 Celsius degrees. The lowest temperatures are measured in December and January and are between -5 and -15 Celsius degrees.

The official language in Russia is the Russian. Most of the residents of the city of Vladivostok are people of Russian origin, the city does not have any other major ethnic groups that speak an other language besides the Russian. Most of the inhabitants of Vladivostok are Orthodox, as usually on the whole territory of Russia.

Downtown Vladivostok

Downtown Vladivostok ©Sistak/Flick

Payments in Vladivostok

The official currency of the country is the Russian ruble. In Russia some of the traveler checks are not accepted, but the payments can be made by credit card. The credit cards that are accepted in the city of Vladivostok include the American Express, the Visa Gold Electron, the Master Card and the Euro Card.

The industry of Vladivostok

When this city of Vladivostok was founded, the locals earned their living working in the gold mines of the area. Currently, many residents here work in shipping and in the port.

The harbor of Vladivostok

The harbor of Vladivostok ©Sistak/Flick

Shops and markets in Vladivostok

The biggest market in the city of Vladivostok is the Central Market. The largest and most populous shop is the Shopping Tsentralny.

Accommodation facilities in Vladivostok

The most important accommodations possibilities in the city are: Hyundai Hotel, Vlad Motor Inn Hostel, Best Eastern Hotel Versailles, Hotel Gavan, Ecuador Pension, Azimut Amur Hotel and Vladivoskaya Camping. There is also the possibility of accommodation in hostels and villas.

Hotel Hyundai in Vladivostok

Hotel Hyundai in Vladivostok ©Ellmer/Flick

Festivals and major events in the city of Vladivostok

The biggest festival in the city of Vladivostok is the International Film Festival.

The Moon Festival is held in the December of each year, when it is full. The locals dress up in costumes and the parade takes place on the streets of the city.

In November they celebrate the Halloween Night in the day of Saint Andrew.

The National Christmas Fair is held three weeks before the winter holiday, locals can buy from here the Christmas decorations, trees and many gifts.

Once a year, the city of Vladivostok is celebrating the Night of the Museums. At this event you can visit museums for free and you can also visit some places that are closed to the public in any other day of the year.

The Autumn Fair takes place in October, when the city residents and the people of the region gather to expose for sale traditional Russian food products, fruits and vegetables, handmade craft items and many others.


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