3 things you should know before visiting Moscow

Shopping Mall in Moscow

Shopping Mall in Moscow ©Effervescing Elephant/Flick

The city of Moscow is in an area with a humid continental climate. Spring and autumn are the seasons with normal temperatures. During the warm season the temperatures are high and it rains a lot, so if you travel to Moscow in summer, do not forget to pack your umbrella, that will protect you from both the sun and the rain.

In winter the temperatures are very low, often freezes, rains a lot and its frequent to snow in abundance, so if you choose to make a trip to the Russian capital in winter, do not forget to equip tires with snow chains. The highest temperatures in Moscow are in July and lowest temperatures are in January.

In the following we present you 3 things you should know before visiting Moscow, including some general information regarding the payments, the shopping opportunities and the accommodation options in the capital city.

Accommodation options in Moscow

Moscow is a city full of accommodation places. In the city center we find many luxury hotels, some of which are among the most luxurious in the world. At the outskirts of the city and in the middle of natural landscapes are located hostels and villas of the locals and many hostels. Those who want to accommodate in atent, may do so in special camps arranged by the city municipality.

The most popular places in the city of Moscow include the Golden Ring, the Hotel Peking Hotel, the National Hotel, the Metropol Hotel and Hostel, the Villa Krusimo and the Kremlin Pension. All hotels offer clients all inclusive accommodation packages that include parking with video surveillance, wireless internet, playground for children and access to the hotel pool and spa. There are also some hotels that offers tourists access to fitness facilities and sports fields.

The city center of Moscow

The city center of Moscow ©Ultimate Competitions Ltd/Flick

Payments in Moscow

The official currency of the country is the ruble. In Moscow you will find numerous exchange offices and banks where you can change money, if you have not done it yet. You can also change money the gas stations in town, they having inside of them ATMs with a non-stop program. The bank cards that are accepted here are: American Express, Master Card and Visa Gold Electron.

Central Bank in Moscow

Central Bank in Moscow ©SergeyRod/Flick

Shops and markets in Moscow

The Russian capital is full of shops, restaurants, parks and terraces. The largest mall in the city is the Ikea Mega Mall. If you have enough money, you will surely have the opportunity to spend it Moscow.

Shopping Mall in Moscow

Shopping Mall in Moscow ©Effervescing Elephant/Flick

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