3 interesting tourist attractions in Vladivostok

The Vladivostok Railway Station

The Vladivostok Railway Station ©eesti /Flick

The Aquarium of Vladivostok is one of the largest aquariums in the world. Tourists who want to visit it, can find it in the downtown, on the Batarejnoj street, at number four.

In the city center of Vladivostok, on the Pushkin street, at number 23 you can find the largest theater of the region, the Pushkin Theatre. Near the theater you can also admire the building of the Technical State University. The Vladivostok Railway Station was built in 1893 by the Russian architect E. Basilevsky when the Vladivostok – Ussuriisk railway route wa opened. Originally, it was built of stone, had a tin roof and only one floor.

The Aquarium of Vladivostok

The Aquarium of Vladivostok was built in 1991 and since then is receiving annually many visitors from all over the world. The aquarium has exhibitions arranged both on land and in water. Inside of it are two large buildings, each stretching over an area of ​​nearly 1500 square meters. Some animals that you can see here include penguins, albatrosses, different kind of tropical fish, stingrays, sharks, dolphins, seals and many others. At the aquarium you can also admire an exhibition of corals, sponges, jellyfish and all sorts of freshwater and saltwater fish. At the Dolphinarium you can watch the demonstrations made ​​by dolphins and seals. This is a really enjoyable tourist attraction of Vladivostok

The Aquarium in Vladivostok (Oceanarium)

The Aquarium in Vladivostok (Oceanarium) ©rapidtravelchai/Flick

The Pushkin Theatre in Vladivostok

The Pushkin Theatre in Vladivostok dates back from 1907, it was built in Russian Gothic style and Art Nouveau, according to the plans of architect P. Wagner. At the time of its construction, the building didn’t house a theater, but here were gathering the clerks of the city and the amateur painters of the region. During the Civil War there was foundedn the school of literacy, and in 1998 it was donated to the House of Culture of the Mariners.

The Russian city of Vladivostok

The Russian city of Vladivostok © xJason.Rogersx/Flick

The Vladivostok Railway Station

At its construction, the only floor of the Vladivostok Railway Station was made ​​of slabs of Japanese clay. In the early nineteenth century the building was expanded, doubling the surface and adding another floor. On the outer walls was addeda mosaic emblem of the capital of the country  in 1912. In 1936 the building was reconstructed, the decorations on the walls of the first floor were painted by artist Grigorovich, while the second floor by artist Vladimir Gerasimenko. In 1994 it was renovated and was declared a historic monument. It is a beautiful tourist attraction of the city of Vladivostok.

The Vladivostok Railway Station

The Vladivostok Railway Station ©eesti /Flick

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