Cheap flights to Russia

Cheap flights to Russia

The lowest rate found for a flight to Russia was $395, it was a Transaero Airlines flight going from New York. More recently, in the last twelve months $451 was the rate of the cheapest flight to Russia found by our visitors; it was operated by Aeroflot Russian Airlines, departing from John F. Kennedy International in January, 2013. If we consider average prices November is the least expensive time of the year to travel to the area.

Airport information about the country

From the 94 airports in Russia 41 are international airports and the others only serve on domestic routes. The busiest airport in the country is Domodedovo International Airport (DME) airport in Moscow having 107 connections served by 52 airlines. You could get to the country from 5 different US airports in 5 different United States cities. Look for cheap flights to Russia from the nearest airport to your home via our search box.

Fun facts about airfares to Russia

  • November to April is the low travel season in Russia, so you can travel cheaper however it could be less amusing.
  • The shortest international flight to Russia departs from New York and goes to Moscow in just 8 hours and 5 minutes after taking 4,825 miles (7,765 km).
  • DME airport, the busiest airport of the country hosts flights from 52 distinct airlines.
  • High travel season in is around July to August every year, so it is more expensive and more crowded at that time but also more fun.
  • The normal rate of a flight coming from the USA to Russia is $985 r/t.

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